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Clinically Proven & FDA Approved!


Some people call this either a jump start or the perfect finisher!  If you’re looking to jump start your weight loss or quickly get rid of stubborn
fat on your waist, abs, hips or thighs, modern science has finally come to the rescue. ZERONA® is the first clinically proven and FDA approved
non-invasive body slimming procedure that reduces inches and removes fat without invasive surgery.


How Does It Work?


Clinical trials have confirmed the amazing effects that ZERONA® has on adipose tissue. The results demonstrated that a small pore was created
in the protective membrane of the fat cell. (See Video Below) The excess fat is then passed out of the body during its normal course of detoxification. Unlike invasive procedures, ZERONA® stimulates the bodily natural reactions so it is natural and harmless.


How Long Does It  Take?


ZERONA® is six to nine quick, painless and relaxing treatments. You simply lie under the ZERONA® Lipo-Laser for 20 minutes on your back
and 20 minutes on your front. With ZERONA® you’ll be able to continue your daily activities with NO surgery, NO pain, and NO downtime!


Really, it’s never been easier to get rid of love handles and lose subcutaneous fat than it is with ZERONA®



What else do I have to do?


Clients who consume no alcohol during the 6 treatments, drink plenty of water, and walk 30 minutes per day will get the absolute best results.
It is also important to understand that just like liposuction the fat can come back with poor diet and lack of exercise.