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We know nobody wants to bond with their cellulite or lax skin…. But it is a reality for many of us.  Even if you really watch what you eat and
are active there may be areas of your body that seem resistant to diet and exercise.


So, what are your options?  Invasive procedures? Non Invasive treatments?  Well, we are all about the non-invasive so our attention was drawn
to Venus Concepts new Freeze™ when it became available.


Were we impressed?  Absolutely.  So much so, we were the first in Georgia to begin to offer what has been Europe’s Leading Aesthetic Therapy.


Venus Freeze was developed to shift your shape via circumference reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening.


By using the FDA approved Venus Freeze™ device and receiving a pain free treatment (relaxing actually), you will contour, shape and trim
your problem areas.


Does it work identically on everybody?  We wish we could say YES… but of course,  as with most procedures, the results vary depending on
the person. But what we can say is, WOW. Overall we see consistent results, our clients are pleased and even though the recommendation
is for a series of six Freeze therapies to achieve the desired results, many of our clients see a difference after the very first session!


We are as excited to offer this affordable, effective solution, as our clients are to have found it!


Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), but don’t hesitate to call us and ask your own questions.  Book a consult to see if Venus freeze is the
best treatment option for your desires!


Venus Freeze